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    Our tomato growers in region where the best quality fresh tomatoes produce sand to assure that they plant the very best tomatoes for sun drying.Our tomatoes are hand picked at the peak of their maturity,only the ideal tomatoes are picked off their vine during the first pass.They are transported to the plant with special care.Each load is inspected by our Quality Assurence Departmant and must pass strict guidelines set by our company policy to assure that the fresh tomatoes we dry are the highest quality.After passing inspection they go directly to the plant for processing to avoid losing any of their flovor or colour.

    When the tomatoes arrive to drying place which a huge area cover with white cloth they are cut in half with high speed blades by hand on there and are laid out,cut side up to allow full exposure to the sun and salt spray on them,as it evaporates it creates a natural barrier to rodents,birds and insects.Over a period of five to six days the rays of the sun dry the tomatoes.

    When the tomatoes have been sun dried to their optimum moisture,the tomatoes are taken to our factory where the tomatoes are sorted agian for any undesirables.After the sorting the tomatoes are placed in bags for storage.Until the sun dried tomatoes are processed and packed for shipment they are kept in ou cold store to maintain their colour and flavor.During the year,when the orders are received the tomatoes are washed and subjected to a final inspection by skilled sorters who have been trained to remove unacceptable halves and foreign matter and then they vacumm packed for the shipment. The sun dried tomatoes may also be treated with sulphur rather than salt.
    Styles, Varieties & Packing

    Sulphured Treated
    Salt Treated

    Bakery,pizza industry and restaurant
    2X 5 kg vacumm in carton boxes
    200gr, 250gr, 375gr, 500gr, 750gr, 1000gr BOPP film retail packs,tray
    370 cc,720cc,3.000 cc jar
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OGUZCAN A.S. is one of the major grower, processor and packer of dried fruits and vegetables family owned company in Izmir, Turkey. Since 1974, the inception of the company has had consistent revenue and volume growth. Today, our company supply the products to the major industrial manufacturers, wholesaler and distributors in Europe, North America, Australia and Middle East. Company production and operation facility area is built on 3.500 sqm and our production fields extend for 22.000 sqm and our operation management is performed at all times under our sole supervision. By direct control at all the stages of production, from the beginning of the yield to the packing stage, allow to assure a premium quality to customer. Relation with worldwide manufacturers, wholesaler and distributors helped us to comprehend the importance of Quality Assurance. Since 2002, company has ISO 22000 certified and certified by BRC at Global Standards and Kosher certified by STAR-K.
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