Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is
    • The is a website intended to be a boosting mean for agriculture in Portugal and around the world, providing its users a free, fast and effective way to agribusiness development.

      The AgroArea is a meeting place for sellers and buyers, where there is no interference in the negotiation process between the parties, i.e., the deal is done directly between the seller (advertiser) and the buyer (user).

      In AgroArea you can advertise and find everything you need related to the rural world. You can perform searches on the category and sub - category in which the ad is placed, as well as by the geographic location of it. Thus, users will find very easily what they seek and advertisers ensure a high number of views and responses to their ads.

      The AgroArea supports the development of agriculture, contributing to the growth of small, medium and large companies related to the sector.
  • How to place an Ad in AgroArea?
    • Post an ad in AgroArea is very easy, fast and free!

      To post a new ad on AgroArea, you must access “Place an Ad for free” in the homepage menu.

      You will be forwarded to a page where you have the opportunity to subscribe the plan that best suits your needs. Choose the plan and click “subscribe now”.

      Please note: anytime you need any further information related to the plan you intend to subscribe, you can click the “i “icon - FACTBOX, next to the information of subscription plans.

      If you are not registered yet, you will be forwarded automatically to the registration form on AgroArea. Registration is easy and free!

      When the registration is complete, you will be forwarded to a platform where you can easily manage your account (“MANAGE ACCOUNT” menu). You can manage your profile, your subscribed plan and insert your ads in an easy, fast and intuitive way. In this account management platform you will also have the opportunity to view statistical reports of your placed ads (depending on the chosen plan).
  • How long my ads will stay published?
    • The remaining publication time of your ads is directly connected to the subscription period of the plan. So, if your plan expires, for example, five days after the publication of your last ad, it automatically becomes inactive on that date (the ad is inactive but is not deleted from our database). When you renew a subscription to a plan (including Start), you can re- activate your ads. Thus, we intend the users only to post again the ads still valid.
  • How to improve the visualization of my ads?
    • You can increase the number of views of your ads by acquiring one of the subscription plans in AgroArea - BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD.
  • What are the advantages of subscribing a plan for professionals?
    • There are many advantages in subscribing a plan for professionals! The BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD plans allow you to increase and improve the results of your ads in AgroArea. By acquiring them you will be able to:

      • Place more Ads ;
      • Get Highlights and Super - Highlights for your ads ;
      • Can visualize the stats of your ads;
      • Be a part of a published list of Professionals (available only in Silver and Gold plans) ;
      • Get priority in ads approval  (only available in Silver and Gold plans ) ;
      • Create a personal page with all your ads that AgroArea gave the name of Showroom, where you can upload your company´s logo, set address, contacts (telephone and e- mail ) and the description of your page, as well as manage all your ads (only available in Silver and Gold plans) ;
      • Increase the visibility of the ads ;
      • Get help support by phone (only available in Silver and Gold plans ) ;
      • Constantly present in the AgroArea newsletters (available only in the Gold plan) .

      Subscribe a plan for 3 months and you can take advantage of a discount up to 20 %!
  • How to subscribe the AgroArea newsletter for free?
    • To subscribe the newsletter AgroArea and thus stay abreast of the latest news and highlights on the site, simply access the newsletter subscription form which is fixed on all pages on the right side, following the page scroll.
  • How many ads can I place in Agro Area?
    • In AgroArea all plans allow you to place an unlimited number of ads.
      By registering on Agroarea site you automatically get the PLAN START that allows you to enter up an unlimited ads.
  • How can I change / edit my ad?
    • You cannot change or edit an ad already submitted, except for the service /product price.

      If you need to change the ad by any mistake in your publication, please send us an email to request the change. Do not forget to mention your user name and reference (ID # 0000) of the ad that you would like to change. The AgroArea will evaluate and amend it if it is justified.

  • How does the featured and super- featured ads work?
    • By subscribing a plan that includes featured and /or super- featured ads, you can choose which ads you want to highlight. The number of featured and super-featured ads available is described on the plan you purchased, and indicates the amount of highlights that can be simultaneously published. Thus you can change your highlighted ads when and how often you want. The decision is yours!
  • What is the professionals list?
    • By clicking on the tab “Professionals” on the homepage, a list of clients considered Professionals is presented. These customers purchased the plan Silver or Gold and benefit from the offer of a Showroom in
  • What is a Showroom?
    • As the word indicates SHOWROOM is an area within the used by his owner to display the products / services he has for sale. AgroArea defined the Showroom as a site within a site, a kind of virtual storefront where the seller exposes the products / services.

      In there are two types of showrooms: the SHOWROOM SILVER and SHOWROOM GOLD.

      By purchasing the Silver subscription plan you will have the opportunity to develop your own virtual storefront through the Showroom Silver. This allows you to place your company´s logo, choose among your ads the "Opportunity of the Day" and highlight it, as well as take advantage from other highlights for your products /services.

      By purchasing the Gold subscription plan you will have opportunity to develop your own virtual storefront through the Showroom Gold. This allows you to place your company's logo, choose among your ads the "Opportunity of the Day" and highlight it, as well as take advantage from other highlights for your products /services. This exhibition is made without any associated third party advertising. It is understood as a third party advertisement, all ads related to other advertisers and suggestions, as well as advertising banners managed by Thus, the user will keep focused only on the ads displayed by the Showroom owner.