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Terms of Service
Terms of Service:

Terms and Conditions defines the service provided by as well as the rules of operation and participation of users registered on the site, and those who use this service as visitors.

The is a service provider, hosted under the domain AgroArea, owned by BeFOX UNIPESSOAL, LDA., available via the URL

The offers internet users a platform for online classified ads related to agriculture and the rural world. Thus, acting as an host for third-party contents, i.e., virtual ads made by their previously registered users.

The registered user, individual or company, publishes an ad on the site, using a specific form, which is stating all the necessary details to the ad, with the intention of trading purpose. All trades or transactions are made outside the site. Thus, the user who uses the site to sell or buy products and / or services or to find information, does it in a fully autonomously way, without the responsibility for the veracity of all data specified by the registered user. The does not participate or interfere in any negotiation or transaction.

The use of is dependent on the total acceptance of the listed terms and conditions, so any user who does not agree with them cannot use the service

The requirements set out in the Terms and Conditions are the sole responsibility of, which reserves the right to modify them whenever we shall deem it necessary.

Terms of Use

In order to clarify the definition of terms used, we will present their meaning:

1. SERVICE: online site that provides to users (individual or company) and visitors, through the internet, the placement of ads to buy or sell products and / or services related to agriculture and rural world;

2. SERVICE PROVIDER: BeFox, Unipessoal Lda through the site;

3. USER (individual or company): any legal entity, individual or collective, with full legal capacity to enter into onerous contracts in accordance with Portuguese law, which has been registered in the Service Provider's site through the online registration forms on it and intends to publish ads for buying and / or selling products and / or services related to agriculture and rural world;

4. VISITOR: Any legal entity, individual or collective, that accesses to the Service Provider's website to see the published ads for potential purchase and / or consult them. Please note that the meaning of these terms may change whenever the context  clearly goes on different path.

1. Description of Service

The function of the Service Provider relates only to the management of the submission of ads placed online by the User without influence, evaluate, confirm, or guarantee the content of those ads.

The Service Provider cannot ensure the quality, accuracy or legality of the ads and the reliability of the User, as well as the buying capacity of the visitor or the achievement of any business between them.

The Service Provider is not involved in transactions between the User and Visitor on purchasing any product and / or service advertised in the Service Provider's site, neither acts as an intermediary and / or legal representative of any of the parties involved in a possible transaction.

2. Access Conditions

The Service may be used only by legal entities, individual or collective, with effective legal capacity to enter into onerous contracts, according to Portuguese law, so the use by people under eighteen years old is forbidden. Nevertheless, the Service Provider is not responsible for any contingency arising from the inability of the User.

3. User registration for placing ads and database query

The Service Provider demands the User to fill an online registration form, available at

Each user can only register once, any subsequent registration done by the same user will be cancelled.
Registration is free. However, the placement of ads depends on the conditions defined in item 6, which is integrant part of the Terms of Use. Registration aiming just browsing the database is also free.

The user may, at any time, require the cancelation of his registration in site. However, this does not entitle him to reimbursement of the amounts already expended for the use of the service.

The Service Provider reserves the right to, at anytime, cancel or delete the register of a user who does not comply with these terms and conditions, finds itself in insolvency proceedings, relinquishes its contractual position to third parties and / or act in a pejorative way against Service Provider and other Users and visitors of the website.

After registration, the User will own an access code (login and password), which is non transferable. It should be noted that the transmission to a third party of the access code is forbidden, being the User solely responsible for actions taken with his registration.

4. Collection, treatment and Sharing of Personal Data

 The identification data of the user will be collected via an online registration form, in site, being only visible in the profile of the account that is accessed with the data of the User. To ensure the safety of contact details, the phone number, is only visible after any visitor clicks on the button "Click for phone”.

By registering with, the User will provide personal data such as name, address, phone number and email. These will be required for site registration, to access the Service and to subscribe the newsletter of The subscription service includes receiving automated notification emails from AgroArea, newsletters and promotional newsletters. Disabling these automatic notifications will suspend this Service.

All personal data used by in the ads are supplied by the user, and he is solely responsible for the accuracy of it.

When filling out the registration form and to place an ad, the User is obliged to provide an email, country and region for further geographical location of the ad.

All data collected are entered into the computer system, where it is then processed and treated in accordance with the terms approved by the National Commission for Data Protection (NCDP). These are intended solely for the management service.

Pursuant to Law n. º 69/98 of October 26 (Law for the Protection of Personal Data), the Registered User will be able to proceed with the update and correction of the data on his personal page.

All personal information collected from registered user aims to:
a) Allow rendering online classified ad service, in order to allow contact from a visitor interested in the possible acquisition of the goods advertised;
b) Authorize the issuance of proof of payment, if the service purchased by the user relies on a pre - payment.

The Service Provider reserves the right to provide the User's personal data to competent legal entities, whenever requested, as a result of criminal or civil illegal activities (e.g., violation of privacy rights, industrial property rights and / or intellectual).

The may contain links to other websites. However, the Service Provider is not responsible for the privacy policies and / or contents of those websites.

5. Statistical Registration Files
All I.P. addresses from connections made through will be recorded, to allow performing statistical analysis for the interpretation of patterns of use of the Service Provider's site, with the goal of improve the service, in order to increase the degree of User satisfaction. However, all information will be analysed on an aggregated and anonymous basis, and the data personally identifiable or private information will not be used for this purpose.

The Service Provider reserves the right to provide the analysis performed to third parties as well as to reveal them publicly.

6. Condition for the placement of ads and highlights

Registration and placement of ads in website is free.

After making your registry in website, you will be redirected to a page where you have the opportunity to subscribe the plan that best suits your business needs (see Item 14). Each plan has a set of solutions and features that have been created thinking of the user.

The Registered User will have access to a platform where you can easily manage your account (MANAGE ACCOUNT menu). You can manage your profile, the subscribed plan and publish ads in an easy, fast and intuitive way. In this account management platform you will also have the opportunity to view statistical reports of your ads.

All ads must:

a) Be placed in the correct category, respecting the subcategory they represent;
b) Report just one good, product and / or service;
c) Contain exclusively, the goods, service or product images whose announcement refers, otherwise, there should be a reminder with clear indication that the image does not match the advertised product or service;
d) Contain images without publicity, contacts or people attached;
e) Have content whose responsibility is solely of the User (Individual or company).

All ads that do not comply with the above conditions or for any other reason undermine the operation of the Service Provider's site, can be cancelled, withdrawn or deleted.

You may not edit, except for the price, the ad after its publication. In case you need to edit the ad due to a mistake, the edition is only possible through contact with via email or contact form.

The User may at any time suspend or delete active listings. However, the User has no right to a refund of the amount paid for the ad placement in In the case of suspension, the ad will no longer appears in the list, but will not change the remaining time of the active ad. Therefore, while the ad is suspended, it will not be granted any extension on the validity of the ad.

All ads require approval of the Service Provider for publication. Their approval and effective publication will be made within a maximum of 3 days. The Service Provider may defer publication of User´s ad if it does not satisfy the conditions and can deactivate it or delete it without notice if some associated illegitimacy is detected.

When placing an ad in the Service Provider's site, the User gives in all rights to the texts and images used, authorizing the Service Provider to use them for promotional purposes and / or advertising.

7 . User Responsibility
It is User´s responsibility:
a) Provide truthful data as complete and updated as possible;
b) Ensure the confidentiality of your access to the registry in and be the solely responsible for actions taken with your registration, either with or without your permission;
c) Comply with all obligations of payment to the provider of the service;
d) Ensure that all your behaviours do not violate the law or infringes protected legal makings;
e) Guarantee that all announced deals do not have judicial garnishment attached or any other form of preventive confiscation;
f) Attest that all advertised offers are not illegal, violent, provocative, offensive and of racist character, or likely to violate the privacy or rights of third parties;
g) Not to assign your contract to third parties;
h) Always inform the Service Provider with reasonable previous notice, if there is an impossibility or any event that may affect or preclude the timely fulfilment of the Terms of Use set out;

i) Always report the Service Provider about any changes that may condition the Terms of Use, such as the change of headquarters or residence.

Please note that the violation of the Terms of Use by the User grants the Service Provider the right to compensation under the law of civil rights, with a minimum amount of € 250 (two hundred and fifty Euros).

8. Responsibility of the Service Provider
It is responsibility of the Service Provider:
a) Perform the processing of data in an honest and legal way, gathering only the information required for the purpose which it was intended;
b) Allow the User to correct the information provided about himself, when it deemed necessary;
c) Provide the gratuitous right to delete the data used, whenever it is prompted by the User;

d) Possess security structures that prevents the display, modification, destruction or addition of data by an unauthorized party, except with respect to paragraph 5 and in the subheading b) of paragraph 7.

Please note that the Service Provider will not be responsible for any possible technical glitch that can keep temporarily unavailable to users or visitors, unless such failure is directly attributable. Thus, the User shall have no right to compensation.

9. Other Provisions

Failure to exercise, or late or partial exercise of any right of the Service Provider, under these Terms of Use or any applicable provision, does not imply a waiver of that right and does not prevent its subsequent exercise and does not constitute delay or novation of the debt.

The Table I, attached to these Terms of Use is an integral part of them for all legal and contractual purposes.

These Terms of Use may be modified with immediate effects, without the existence of a writing opposition by the user.

The Service Provider is authorized by the User to assign his contractual position as well as its inherent credit.

The use of is dependent on the full acceptance of these conditions, while its non- acceptance in whole or in part, preclude the use of this service.

10. Communication between the parties

All considerations about the Terms of Use listed need to be writhen . In the case of the User for the address / headquarters or email listed on the registration form, and in the case of the Service Provider for the address / headquarters or email published on the site The same should be considered for conducting judicial action intended to fulfil any financial obligations arising from the contract.

All written communications will be considered effective after the reception of the letter or email, except if is done after hours, in which case will be considered the next business day.

 11. Expenses

All judicial and extrajudicial costs arising from the non-compliance of the User with its pecuniary obligations relating to the contract, and the obligations set out in these Terms of Use shall be borne by himself.

12. Governing Law and Jurisdiction
These Terms of Use are subject to Portuguese Law and for all their emerging questions, the parties elect the Alentejo Litoral judicial district.

13. Legal Information
Considering the Decreto-Lei n º 197/2012  of 24 August 2012, which confer the changes to the VAT Code, which entered into force on January 1st 2013:
a) Issue an invoice for each transfer of goods or services is mandatory, as are set out in Articles 3. º And 4, regardless of the quality of the recipient of goods or recipient of services , even if they do not request it , as well as payments that are made by them before the date of the transfer of goods or provision of services ;
b) On invoices processed through computer systems, all mandatory information , including the name , business name or business name and tax identification number of the taxable person, shall be entered by the respective billing software;
c) The indication, on the invoice, of the identification and address of the purchaser or recipient that is not taxable is not mandatory for values less than €1000, except when the purchaser or recipient requests that the invoice contains these elements;

d) The indication in the invoice of the identification tax number of the purchaser or recipient not taxable is mandatory when requested.

Please note that if the User wants all tax billing data appearing on invoice, all data must be entered in on his register. Please be informed also that you cannot make subsequent acquisition changes of the respective service and invoice issuing.

 14. Attachments


Table I
Subscription plan START  FREE
Subscription plan BRONZE  €5.00
Subscription plan SILVER  €10.00
Subscription plan GOLD  €20.00

All values include VAT.

All plans purchased are valid for one (1) month. You can purchase a subscription of 3 months prepaid, to take advantage of a discount  at the time of purchase.

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